Kevin Cuthbert


Kevin Cuthbert

Consultant (Ecology)

The makings of a fantastic Ecologist surely include a lifelong passion and commitment to the ecology and wildlife of the UK, and our Ecologist Kevin certainly has an abundance of both!

With a particular fondness for ornithology work, Kevin can often be found in the remote wilderness of the Scottish Highlands surveying for Golden Eagles, or in Scottish Native Pinewood to find the elusive Capercaillie. Certainly not fazed by a (very) early morning dawn survey, the temperamental Scottish weather or indeed copious amounts of midges, Kevin is as committed (and as hardy) as Ecologists come.

Kevin has over 8 years experience working as an Ecologist/Ornithologist and therefore has a wide scope of experience when it comes to Raptor Searches, Breeding Bird and Vantage Point Surveys as well as Mammal Surveys and ECoW and Toolbox talks. This experience is certainly well utilised within his role as Ecologist here at Nevis where no 2 surveys (and indeed 2 days) are ever quite the same.

As well as a wealth of survey experience from his career, Kevin has also worked on a voluntary basis for the Lake District Golden Eagle Project, the Capercaillie Project, Strathspey and Scottish Wildcat Action (camera trap monitoring). Kevin also has a Schedule 1 Bird Licence, Bird Ringing Licence and his CSCS card.

Outside of work, Kevin’s interests remain much the same as his day job – getting out in the great outdoors with his dog Capa and enjoying the very best of the amazing Scottish Highlands.