Lucy Arnold

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Lucy Arnold

GIS and Data Manager

Lucy Arnold, our head of Geographic Information Systems and Data Management, describes herself as a “geo-geek”. She makes sure that all the information we need is collected properly, organised and stored in the right format, so that we can do our job thoroughly.

Lucy has a background in ecology, specifically ornithology, having worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.  This enables her to bridge the gap between the information technology and the ecologist in the field.

“Coming from an ecology background, I speak their language before I learned the data language,” she says. “You can understand things better if you have experience of the constraints in which people are working.”

A southerner who has ‘drifted northwards’ to be nearer to the hills and open spaces, Lucy’s first degree was in biological sciences, and she subsequently gained a Masters degree in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Her role is to support the ecologists in ensuring the robustness of the whole data life cycle, from proper collection through to management, storage, security, analysis and archiving.  She loves providing practical solutions and answers to real world problems.

“It has to be done properly. It’s vital that the data correctly, this distinguishes what we do, and ensures quality of service.”