Dr. Kathryn Fraser

Kathryn Fraser
Kathryn Fraser Marine

Dr. Kathryn Fraser

Managing Director

Kathryn brings to Nevis the complementary skills of scientific research and commercial expertise.

Based at Inverness Office on the Dochfour estate at the head of Loch Ness, she came to Nevis committed to firmly establishing the culture and strategy of the company, its core beliefs and the public perception of what the company does. What matters to her is that Nevis gains a solid reputation for its advice and service; that Nevis is profitable - and a great place to work.

Kathryn’s background is in Marine Science as well as business development and strategy. She studied Oceanography at the University of Southampton, and Marine Bio-technology at Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh, a University with an established reputation for world class teaching and pioneering research.

She has founded and run her own marine bio-technology business, consulted for various small business, and has worked in knowledge exchange, creating links between businesses and all of Scotland’s universities, particularly those in the Highlands.

Now she leads our multi-disciplinary team which, she believes, has an excellent balance of personalities and specialisms, and she enjoys the variety in working with such skilled and friendly people.

As environmental consultants and management specialists, she explains, our world is that of birds, bats, moors, peat and bog.

“Our expertise is in the construction and operational monitoring side of things and we are building a reputation as specialists in habitat management and reconstruction. We are environmental experts but what sets us apart is that we are local and we know our ecology, its people, its regulators and the limits of what can be done in remote rural highland locations. It is this local knowledge that enables us to advise our clients about the most efficient way to comply with conditions placed upon them during the planning stage.”

Kathryn appreciates the opportunity to work in an ethical field, balancing concern for the environment with the determination to create a successful business. Familiar with taking scientists into the commercial world, she has the negotiating skills to navigate through difficult rules and regulations and firmly believes in the need for robust and well-informed advice from the outset when projects are being planned.