Nevis have developed the Site Search tool utilising Geographical Information Systems (GIS), to provide a quick and comprehensive Site Appraisal to highlight the key Opportunities and Constraints and strategy and recommendations for taking the site forward.

Nevis can use the Site Search tool for a range of development types including:

  • Onshore renewables

  • Forestry

  • Commercial and industrial

  • Residential

  • Office

  • Leisure

  • ELV charging sites

  • PFS sites

Nevis have developed an approach whereby Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is utilised to provide a comprehensive tool for assisting with the Site Search. Through the use of GIS data and the Nevis team’s extensive experience of the development and property sector, we can provide our clients with robust advice, highlighting the key constraints and opportunities to site development and the best strategy for taking a site forward.

The following areas could be addressed as part of the Site Appraisal;

  • Title restrictions

  • Grid constraints

  • Planning History

  • Planning Policy Framework

  • Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

  • Flood Risk

  • Statutory and non-statutory designated sites

  • Public Rights of Way/Core Paths

  • Air Quality

  • Protected Species and Habitats

  • Noise

  • Historic land-use

  • Contamination

  • Landscape designations

  • Transport and access

Nevis can also use the Site Search tool to provide clients advice with regards to their asset portfolios, advising them on the best strategy for achieving the best value, whether that be applying for planning permission, considering site disposal or acquiring land to enhance a client’s site portfolio.

About Nevis

Nevis provides bespoke town planning consultancy, environmental management and monitoring solutions to clients throughout the planning, project delivery and operational phases. Our clients receive flexible, tailored environmental solutions – working with your team or as your team, we are here to protect your interests and your investment.

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