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Our Services

Infrastructure | Renewable Energy | Land Management


We have expertise and significant experience in peatland management and can advise you of the best course of action to restore and realise value from your peatland.


Ecological and Environmental Surveys

The backbone to understanding what you have and how you need to manage is getting an expert survey.  We offer a comprehensive range of surveys to cover your needs, from birds to bats and otters to plants. As we are part of a team, you get the expertise of everyone for your project.


Natural Capital & Land Management for the future

Land is an asset that is valuable to everyone, so you need to make the most of it. We can help from baseline mapping to Natural Capital assessments, biodiversity net gain to nature based solutions, biodiversity and habitat audits to Natural Flood management. Its all about ensuring that you know what you have and how best to capitalise on it.


Planning and Development Services

From the beginning of the development process right to the end, having a good understanding of the jigsaw pieces in planning is key to keeping on target and on budget. It can be the difference between profit or loss.  We offer whole life cycle services, from constraint mapping, EIA coordination through to planning project management - helping you  to keep the edge. If the project has stalled or you need to breath new life into it, why not try our troubleshooting service.

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Climate Change and Carbon

Climate change is reality and everything we do is set up to help you make the most of increasing the impact of your climate change goals. We are experts in the natural world and can help you realise a difference.


Construction Environmental Services

In the world of construction, you need people who are trained, skilled and know what's important to keep the project moving, We can help from planning condition discharge, ECoW services and site surveys to environmental audits.

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Operational Monitoring and Asset Services

We are the experts in looking after an operational site. We've been doing it for nearly 20 years. From surveys to fulfil planning conditions to restoration of habitats, to audits of whole site compliance, we can look after your environmental obligations.

An operational site is dynamic and it changes. Sometimes compliance is complicated and we specialise in simplifying obligations making a better and more profitable site.


The Digital Future

We've got our eye on the 4th industrial revolution & are busy working up our experience in the disruptive technology of the future. From remote sensing to the internet of things and automation and robotics. We like to keep moving forward.