Andershaw Wind Farm Planning

Planning, Condition Discharge and Environmental surveys

Andershaw Wind Farm Planning

In the uplands of South Lanarkshire north of the village of Beattock, Nevis Environmental assisted with the development of the 42MW Andershaw Wind Farm.
The developers faced a mountain of planning conditions along with a number of legal agreements which had to be resolved before construction could start. There were delays with the local planning authority before planning consent was finalised, and the ecology and environmental surveys resulted in a number of planning changes to minimise impact on the environment and ensure that the project was a commercial success.

Nevis was the principal consultant for all planning activities. We helped to ensure that the environmental conditions that existed at the site were maintained to meet planning consent requirements. Nevis carried out all the necessary ecology and hydrology surveys to enable the construction work to get under way.

Nevis also agreed to review and update habitat management plans over the entire 25-year lifespan of the wind farm, which includes tree-felling programmes, scrub management and restocking trees on the site. The site will ultimately be handed back to the landowners at the end of the 25 years

HMP redraft, Planning consent, Condition discharge, Ecology