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What makes a successful Ecological/Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW)?

Being an ECoW can be challenging at times with long hours, working away from home, harsh winter weather and of course midges & mud! However, it can be just as rewarding, with a sense of comradery and achievement with all those involved on site when things are run well and clients are made very happy.

Throughout our experiences on construction sites, the Nevis team can certainly vouch for the truly varied tasks the role brings, rarely are any two days the same and it can certainly keep you on your toes. In many cases, our ECoWs I have had some up close and personal encounters with species, that as ecologists, they have spent hours surveying for (but never seen), due to the early starts often required for an on-site ECoW.

So what does the role involve?

The role of an ECoW can have different responsibilities, depending on your specific role on site. Generally your role is to monitor and advise on environmental/ecological compliance. This can mean forward planning and checking areas for ecological and environmental constraints prior to the works commencing then devising and discussing appropriate mitigation measures for the works with the site team. It can also include monitoring compliance under any protected species licensing and method statement or providing input on drainage to keep dirty water separate from clean water.

Our team have been involved on various construction sites as an ECoW for over a number of years. Our approach is to emphasise right from the initial start up on a new site the importance of clear communication from all those involved to ensure everything is on the right track from the beginning. In our experience, being successful as an ECoW on any site, relies on being able to help the site achieve their goals while protecting the environment. This is often achieved through open and honest communication on the environmental/ecological constraints, being flexible and thinking outside the box in terms of robust mitigation and working to the best interests of the client. Having an experienced and proactive ECoW on your site means you should be offered solutions - not problems.

As an ECoW we have worked in some beautiful and remote sites, and some less than beautiful urban sites but our team always feel a sense of pride once a job is completed and completed well, no matter what the surroundings.

How can the Nevis team help? Nevis has extensive experience of providing ECoW services across a range of sectors including renewable energy, overhead powerlines, infrastructure (grid, rail, road) and housing developments.

Nevis Environmental provides bespoke town planning consultancy, environmental management and monitoring solutions to clients throughout the planning, project delivery and operational phases. Our clients receive flexible, tailored environmental solutions – working with your team or as your team, we are here to protect your interests and your investment.

If you want an ECoW with solutions, not problems on your pre or construction site- get the experts on board - contact the Inverness or Carlisle Nevis Team today:

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