As part of the planning permission for a development, there is often a requirement for the construction and operational phases to be overseen by an independent Planning Monitoring Officer (PMO). The  PMO is typically a suitably qualified and experienced town planning professional, who has the role of ensuring that the development is being constructed and operated in line with the planning consent and associated documentation and planning conditions.

The resources of Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are increasingly challenged and the use of independent, external consultants is becoming more common as a means of fulfilling and monitoring planning obligations. Conditioning the need for a PMO requires developers to meet the costs, and ensures that planning commitments and environmental management is high on the agenda from the outset.

PMO Overview

Nevis has extensive experience of providing PMO services across a range of sectors including renewable energy, forestry, overhead powerlines, infrastructure (grid, rail, road) and housing developments.  

Nevis’s PMO service brings together our planning, environmental consenting and ECoW expertise to provide a robust and comprehensive review of planning conditions, preparation and submission of documentation to discharge conditions and ensure practical and achievable compliance with the planning conditions throughout all stages of a projects lifecycle.

The team has a detailed knowledge and understanding of preparing and co-ordinating the submission of key documents for condition discharge including:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

  • Species Protection Plans (SPP)

  • Habitat Management Plans (HMP)

  • Private Water Supply Protection Plans (PWSPP)

  • Peat Management Plans (PMP)

  • Pollution Prevention Plans (PPP)

  • Drainage Plans

  • Traffic Management Plans (TMP)

  • Decommissioning and Restoration Plans

Effective communication is essential to project success and Nevis has a proven track record of effectively liaising with statutory bodies, site contractors and project managers to achieve a successful outcome.

PMO Duties

PMO duties can involve the following tasks;

  • Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and all associated planning consent documents

  • Liaison with the developer, contractor and LPA to ensure compliance with the planning conditions

  • Production of a commitments register

  • Regular site visits as required by the consent to monitor the development’s compliance with planning conditions

  • Reporting of compliance with planning conditions as required by the planning consent

  • Liaison with appropriate parties including contractors, LPA, ECoW, developer and consultees to ensure compliance

About Nevis

Nevis provides bespoke town planning consultancy, environmental management and monitoring solutions to clients throughout the planning, project delivery and operational phases. Our clients receive flexible, tailored environmental solutions – working with your team or as your team, we are here to protect your interests and your investment.

If you require more information or independent technical advice on your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.