Corriemoillie Wind Farm Bog Restoration

Restoration Plans and Biodiversity Net Gain for Peatland Restoration

The Corriemoillie Wind Farm site (and the wider Corriemoillie Estate) is located seven kilometres north-west of Garve in the Scottish Highlands and is being developed by EDF ER.

In February 2017, field survey visits were completed and a plan for the restoration of the blanket bog was developed. Nevis advised on and supervised the removal of unsuitable plantation and brash with the aim of increasing biodiversity and the success of the restoration. The plan also highlighted other constraints that needed to be avoided during the restoration works on site such as breeding birds, water voles, and dwarf birch (Betula nana). Nevis supervised the contractors as they carried out the restoration work (ie ditch blocking with dams, turf covered peat cuts, hag re-profiling) in each area. The approach that we designed was to minimise the need to transport and store peat which avoids its degradation.

55 Hectares of peat bog have been restored which amounts 49 tonnes of CO2 eq per year and the slowing of the active erosion of peat should save a further 31.5 tonnes of CO2eq per year. Valuable habitats and populations of protected species of plants, animals and birds have been enhanced or restored.

The work was completed in 2017, but Nevis still monitor the vegetation and habitats communities over time to assess the recovery of the health of the bog and have planned and implemented programmes to monitor and safeguard the Schedule 1 breeding birds on site.

Peat restoration, Biodiversity, Net Zero, Carbon