Operational Monitoring and Asset Services

Once a site is operational we continue to monitor the environment from the success of breeding birds to compliance with planning conditions.



One of our core services is operational management of sites, we work across the UK providing monitoring and reporting services as well as representation on panels, committees and boards. We often reveiw and redraft HMP documentation for clients who's site needs have changed.

Operational Ecological and Environmental Surveys and Reports

There is often an obligation to monitor operational sites and report findings to Statutory Consultees. We often take on whole site environmental management, but offer ranges of services to help with that compliance.

  • Ornithology monitoring and surveys

  • Bat surveys and inspections

  • Collision assessments, carcass surveys and scavenger trials

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Habitat inspections and National Vegetation Classification surveys

  • Liaison with consultees

  • Routine reporting,

  • Landowner liaison with respect to grazing, shooting and land use

  • Participation in committees, boards, and meetings

  • Management of subcontractors for reinstatement restoration and reseeding

HMP Management, Implementation and Review

Habitat Management Plans (HMPs) are often included amongst other mitigation measures as part of a development proposal and may be a requirement for the granting of planning consents. However, they can be pushed to the back of the queue in the rush to commissioning and can often fall behind in implementation. Poor HMP implementation and management not only results in a potential loss of biodiversity but also has the capacity to significantly drive up economic costs in the long term if extensive additional management is required or non-compliance fines are applied by the planning authority.

We are experts in keeping on top of all the aspects of HMPs and can review and manage them on your behalf. We have often been able to make considerable savings for clients whose HMP's have gone awry and have been able to redraft those made on incorrect assumptions, rectify issues  and manage the process of getting things back on track

Compliance Audits and Reviews

Our audit service helps clients not only comply with planning conditions and legislation but it can be a great way to find out what is being done better than industry, which allows you to tell others all about what you are doing for the environment.

We offer this service, which includes a site visit, during any phase of a project. During operational phase it can demonstrate good practice to consultees and can be used to demonstrate positive enhancements to potential buyers and investors

Asset Portfolio Compliance Risk Register

Compliance with all planning conditions for each asset is a key objective to maintain the value of a portfolio. Any due diligence performed on key assets during sale or change in status can flag non compliance as a risk. Keeping a handle on those conditions and having the 'in house' competent expertise to ensure the conditions are correctly managed and discharged is not always easy.

We can help you with a review of your conditions, the current state of compliance and produce a risk register which details what needs to be done when and by whom. We can maintain this for you or you can use this for starting point for your own monitoring


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