The benefits of GIS & Data Management to your project

  • Are there any environmental or wildlife constraints that could affect my proposed development?

  • Where are the nearest grid connections to my site?

  • How close are the nearest residential buildings to my project?

  • What would be the preferred site for a micro-energy project on my estate?              

The above are just some of the commonly asked questions when planning a development and luckily; they can all be answered by applying specialist tools designed for the job - Geographic Information Systems.

What is GIS and why is it important for your business?


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a tool used to store and make sense of often complex geographical information on a computer.

GIS means we can easily manage and present large volumes of data in a way that allows for clear visualisation - layers can be switched on and off depending on context and answers needed. Bringing all the information together lets you understand the opportunities and potential risks associated with your project; enabling you to make informed decisions.

 “Utilising GIS enables us to visualise, understand, and present information in a more professional and easily navigable way.”

 The Benefits?

GIS saves your business time and money by assisting in the decision making and project planning processes – meaning your project is on the right track from the beginning.

So how can Nevis help?

Our GIS and Data Services team has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of GIS and data management systems.  The Nevis team will work with you to look for practical GIS solutions that work for your business - getting answers quickly and accurately and ensuring your data is secure.  Our clients come back to us as they know we can provide an efficient, professional service that meets their needs.

Some of the questions we have helped our clients with include:

  • Understanding how close a site is to other infrastructure like roads, or designated land

  • Analysing the likely impacts of a potential project on the environment and planning subsequent mitigation work

  • Exploring the relationship between assets and the surrounding environment

  • Tailoring a message to an audience through professional cartography

At Nevis we understand that every business needs the right answers at the right time.  Having good quality information that provides those answers and is readily available means you can make timely decisions for your organisation.

Whatever the need or however complex the project - Nevis has you covered.

If you would like to know more about our GIS & Data Management capabilities, contact the Nevis Team today: