Survey season is upon us- ensure your project is on the right track from the beginning.

It’s that time of year - schedule your ecological surveys or run the risk of falling foul of your planning permissions or at worst not being able to get a surveyor at short notice.

With over 20 years experience in the fields of ecology, habitat management, survey & impact assessments as well as mitigation and restoration work you can be sure that Nevis has your project covered.


Of course, the ideal is always to be involved with a project from the outset, ensuring all surveys are planned correctly and any mitigation or dissuasion work is completed on time. Accurate advice and planning from our team of experts at the start of your project will save time and money and prevent costly (and frustrating!) delays further down the line. 

Even the best laid plans can go awry however, and this is where Nevis’s expertise comes into its own. If your site's ecology has been incorrectly managed (or your current consultancy is not making the grade) Nevis have the experience and ability to audit your project and work with your team, getting your project back on track- and fast!

The Nevis team undertake a range of surveys including:

·        Ornithology Surveys

·        Protected Species

·        Habitat Surveys

·        Freshwater Ecology

·        Hydrological Surveying

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Whatever the need or however complex the project- Nevis has you covered.

If you are unsure of your sites survey requirements, contact the Nevis Team today!

01463 210432