The rules for water are changing on your construction site...don't let it cost you more!

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Under SEPAs ‘One Planet Prosperity - Our Regulatory Strategy’ companies are being encouraged to go “beyond compliance”.

SEPA is looking to work with businesses to reduce all forms of waste and pollution beyond compliance standard with an aim of improving a company’s profitability and long-term viability - and protecting the environment.

As a result of the Water Environment (Miscellaneous) (Scotland) Regulations 2017, any construction site of over 4 hectares, with  liner development greater than 5km, or with an area of more than 1 hectare or any length of more than 500 metres on ground with a slope in excess 25 degrees must now have a CAR licence (to control surface water discharges).

How does this impact your construction site?

The new CAR licence will be free however a Pollution Prevention Plan (PPP) must be in place & agreed with SEPA before construction starts.

A cost will be incurred during SEPA site visits to monitor and review the sites performance and adherence to the PPP. You will be held accountable for any breaches to the water environment that occur.

So how can Nevis help?

Nevis can promote a positive and proactive approach to the CAR licence (and keep costs down) by:

  1. Identifying all of your sites & planned construction timescales.
  2. Ensure you have PPP’s in place for all sites, including access tracks. These would follow the guidance notes set out by SEPA. These would be completed in order of sites to be constructed.
  3. Ensure you have an Emergency response plan in place, including the details of how you would source of any mitigation equipment before hand – pumps/silt bags etc.
  4. Emergency response training on a regular basis, as well as regular toolbox talks on water contamination and silt management (accounting for staff turnover).
  5. Create a timetable of audits & monitoring, including noting when staff education has taken place.
  6. Production of reports following audits & monitoring in line with SEPA guidance forming a record of compliance for the site.

If you want to ensure your construction site is covered, get the experts on board - contact the Nevis Team today: , 01463 830231 

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