Environmental Management is More Than Ecology - We've Got Your Back!

When you’ve worked in the renewables industry, particularly in the planning and construction of windfarms, the perception is, that is all you can do. This could not be further from the reality.

Our heritage as being environmental managers in the construction of wind farms and renewables, means that we have worked on the most challenging projects, in the most challenging of conditions, in extreme and sensitive habitats and with the most fickle of weather conditions.

Planning and construction in mountainous areas or in locally sensitive areas takes a particularly tenacious and adaptable approach to make the project work for clients.

I’d say that our team are the elite of environmental consultants: from the compliance specialists, who must find a way to make a project viable in the most economically advantageous way for the client, to the team on the ground, planning and undertaking work and getting the job done when access is hard, and the weather and seasons are against them. If we can operate in these conditions, then we are ready for anything.

Our skills extend to all forms of construction, whether it be the building of roads, schools or access paths; the approach is the same:

·        Good communication;

·        Understanding the timelines and constraints;

·        Fitting into the team - understanding everyone’s plans and deadlines;

·        Ensuring that the work delivered benefits the projects and the clients aims;

·        Being flexible and adaptable;

·        Working with all parties, clients, civils and operatives to ensure the project delivers.

Our staff are CSCS registered and so are qualified to work in construction. We are environmental managers and handle all the aspects of the project, not just ecology. We work as part of the team to deliver environmental compliance and it is this approach that in our experience, and that of our client’s, saves time and money.

If you want the best, the most approachable, the elite in environmental managers and you want to know that your environmental compliance is covered, you won’t find better. Get in touch.

Info@nevisenvironmental.com , 01463 830231

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