The Battery Storage Revolution...and what this means for Fossil Fuels

Battery storage (in both a commercial and private setting) is on the rise, reliably moving energy off the grid and into our homes. Wired recently published a great article outlining how the utilisation of battery storage will end the “essential conundrum that solar plants don't produce energy without sunshine, nor wind farms without wind, which leads to intermittent supply. Battery storage is scaleable, from domestic to grid size, with land owners and big companies realising the potential economic benefits. 

As energy storage for home use becomes more commonplace, mass storage will also grow. In 2016 there was 24mW of commercial-battery storage in the UK; there will be over 200mW by the end of 2018, located in battery installations around the country.

Unsurprisingly, investors have followed this growth industry with interest. With headwind provided by The National Grid, companies such as EDF, E.ON and Dyson are investing in storage development. Elsewhere, energy multinationals including Exxon Mobil, Shell and Total are planning for renewable and battery twin systems. The race is on to be the market leader in renewables storage, similar to the contest in electric vehicles, an industry with which it is inextricably linked.

According to Hugh McNeal of the wind industry's trade body RenewableUK and solar expert Simon Virley of KPMG, this storage revolution is capable of transforming the industry. In 2018, it will become even more competitive and reliable - and will sound the death knell for fossil fuels in the process.”

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