Water Quality Monitoring

Stephanie and Rebecca recently enjoyed a wet and windy visit to one of our key sites in the Highlands, located just past Garve, to carry out some Water Quality Monitoring… but why is water quality so important on a construction site?

The water environment is protected by the Water Framework Directive, which requires all water bodies to be deemed in “good” chemical and ecological condition.

Water quality monitoring (WQM) is undertaken throughout the construction of a development to ensure compliance with the planning conditions, and to protect the developer from allegations of causing harm to the water environment. As a result, robust data must be gathered to provide evidence against liability.

When it all goes wrong, water quality monitoring helps to identify pollution events, assess their severity, and monitor the speed of recovery after an event. The developer will usually be looked upon more favourably by the local authority and the community for carrying out such monitoring.

Water quality and quantity monitoring can also be carried out throughout habitat enhancement works such as peatland restoration, to assess the success of the works. Well restored peatlands should show an increase in the water table height, and a decrease in parameters such as turbidity and conductivity.

The team at Nevis Environmental are an experienced environmental consultancy offering management support alongside mitigation and ecological survey services.

We specialise in pre-construction/construction and operational services and work to make sure our clients comply with the law and the conditions placed upon them by governing bodies – giving you complete peace of mind throughout the duration of your project.

Contact the Nevis team to find out more, and discover how we can protect your interests and your projects.

Our samples all tucked up and ready to be tested

Our samples all tucked up and ready to be tested