Another successful Annual Habitat Management Meeting

Megan and Ian were out and about this week to run an Annual Habitat Management Meeting for one of our sites. The meeting was attended by the statutory consultees, landowners, and asset managers and involved a review of the environmental management and monitoring works that have been carried out across 2017.

All parties concerned took part in a site visit to inspect the key areas of bog restoration, observe the outcomes of the restoration work and general habitat progress on site.

Everybody was in agreement that the site is dramatically improving as a direct consequence of the work carried and was considered highly successful by all.  Other good news from the site include Redshank being spotted during one of Ian’s Upland Breeding Bird Surveys. Redshank enjoy wet habitats and ideally small pools of standing water – most commonly found on peat bogs. Yet another sign of an effective bog restoration and improving habitat.

These Annual Habitat Management Meetings are an essential part of ensuring operational environmental compliance, and making sure that any habitat management works achieve the desired outcome.