Big Green Driving Machine

The transport sector in 2011 accounted for 25.3% of Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore an area set for reductions within the next few years under the Climate Change Scotland Act.

To do our bit, Nevis Environmental recently undertook a sustainable travel review. This was carried out by the Energy Saving Trust, to identify areas in which the business's fleet could become more environmentally friendly, Nevis were excited to see what came back from it. 

Last Thursday (the 15th of December) the Nevis team undertook FuelGood driver training as the first step towards reducing our fleets emissions. The team all learnt lots of useful tips and tricks on how to drive more efficiently and boost that mile per gallon (MPG) figure. We hope to improve our MPG by about 15%. 

As for the future; watch this space! Nevis would like to push forward the green revolution and invest in ways to make our contribution to green house gases smaller.