Natural Capital & Land Management Services

Quantifying and qualifying what you have on your land will not only help you decide what to do next, it will become vital to provide evidence to support any future plans, Natural Capital expresses the value and contribution of land in terms of environment, society and economy and it pays to know your asset.


Our Services - adding value to your land

We have a range of services we can tailor to you needs. We been working with the environment to get the best of it for nearly 20 years and can help you make the most of your assets 

Baseline Assessment

This is about knowing what you have, knowing what the issues could be and knowing where to start.

No matter what your plans, you can't assess what you need to do without having a sound idea of what you've got and you can't make changes without being able to measure the effect of those changes.

We provide a range of baseline assessments tailored to your needs These will provide a quantifiable measure and you'll need that data for a variety of things:

  • Deciding where to focus resource

  • Access to carbon or environmental credits and finance

  • Providing evidence for public funds

  • For projects where you want to market your efforts

Natural Capital Assessment

Natural Capital can be defined as elements of nature that directly or indirectly produce value or benefits to people, including ecosystems, species, freshwater, land, minerals, the air or the oceans. These benefits can include food production, regulation of climate and flooding or aesthetic and recreational opportunities.  It is an important component in the long term strategy to combat climate change and is becoming an important component in environmental policy and regulation.

We offer a Natural Capital Assessment to give you the data and information you need to make informed decisions and help you stay help you stay ahead of the game.

Natural Flood Management and Catchment Assessment

More and more, wider catchment management, in particular focussing on the upper reaches of a catchment, is being considered as a way to minimise the risk of flooding further downstream. This can come in a range of measures, from reconnecting floodplains, to bank stabilisation, riparian planting, and blanket bog restoration. 

Nevis can carry out integrated catchment assessments to identify key pressures within a catchment and suggest management measures to minimise associated negative impacts. Catchment assessments can be carried out for:

  • Flood risk

  • Erosion

  • Pollution

  • River restoration potential

  • Target habitats

  • A combination of the above

Nature Based Solutions

Nature based solutions are actions to protect, manage and restore ecosystems for the benefit of both society and Nature. In terms of climate change, nature based solutions combat that crisis by protecting habitats and expanding natural carbon sinks like oceans, forests, peat bogs, and wetlands. This also prevents wildlife loss and provides resilience against climate impacts such as sea-level rise, river flooding, extreme fire weather and desertification.

We offer services such as:

  • Peatland or bog restoration

  • Restoration and reinstatement of habitats, such as forestry and uplands

  • Monitoring and assessments of biodiversity and habitats and soils

  • Natural flood management

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