Habitats are the natural environments in which a particular plant or animal or organism lives and typically provide what it needs for food, shelter, protection and opportunities for reproduction. Our services can help you identify the habitats & likely species that need to be protected & then help you monitor, plan and manage them.

Peat and blanket bog

Peatlands form a unique natural habitat that supports a range of plant and animal species. They are recognised under international and national legislation, act as important stores of carbon, and play an important role in the global hydrological cycle helping maintain both water quantity and quality. In the UK are thought to play an important role in flood prevention. We are experts in providing guidance, practical advice and management of this important assets & have been involved in peat work for the last 5 years.

Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTE)

Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTE) are ecosystems which critically depend on access to groundwater on a permanent or intermittent basis to survive. These are wetlands and often associated with peat. These ecosystems are sensitive to change in both hydrology and ecology which may be caused by disturbance from developments, abstraction or pollution & they are safeguarded by the Water Framework Directive and Groundwater Directive. Our specialists can help with early assessment of the risks that developments  or operations could pose to GWTDE and suggest any mitigation measures.

Whether in scoping, planning, construction or post construction our experts can help you manage habitats, our service includes:

Site condition reports

Phase one habitat surveys

NVC surveys

Drone surveys to visually record improvements

Groundwater Terrestrial Dependant Ecosystems (GWTDE) – identification & mitigation

Habitat regulation assessments  (HRA)

Herbivore impact assessments

Habitat enhancements & creation

·       Managing for species enhancement

·       Tree planting  & management

·       Provision of refugia

Nest box management

Habitat reinstatement

·       Tree planting

·       Herbivore management

·       Reseeding

·       Reprofiling

·       Vegetation monitoring

Peat services

·       Peat depth surveys & mapping

·       Peatland restoration feasibility studies

·       Baseline hydrological assessments

·       Hydrological monitoring

·       Site restoration management plans

·       Blanket bog restoration

·       Peat restoration project management

·       Site constraints mapping & risk registers

·       Consultation with Statutory consultees and Peatland Action

·       Peat Management Plans

·       Advice on peat reuse and or disposal

Plant translocation

Natural Flood Management

Compensation planting of felled woodlands, creation of new native species woodlands or shrub planting