With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the integration of data and technology into how we live and work has become the norm.

Every business is now a digital business & those who are not embracing digital technology risk being left behind. Geospatial data is an increasingly valuable tool for businesses and public-sector organisations, helping them to make better decisions. It is a key area for growth within the UK economy.

Nevis Environmental has been offering data & technology driven project solutions for the last 4 years. From the analysis and visualisation of data to the automation of surveying services, Nevis Environmental can provide services that will help you see your site, plan and communicate changes to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Nevis Environmental provides a superior service to our customers at a competitive price. Our dedicated GIS and data experts work closely with the environmental team to ensure information is collected efficiently, held securely and analysed and presented to our clients in a format that is appropriate to their needs. To help us achieve this, we have invested in a data management and geographic information system (GIS) that delivers high quality results.

Nevis’ expertise in the area of GIS includes:

·             High quality cartography service

·             Spatial analysis for habitat management

·             Breeding bird risk hotspot and collision risk modelling

·             Decision support tools that provide robust results

·             Providing training on geographic information systems