Nevis Environmental is an independent consultancy providing environmental management, planning and development consultancy services. We advise clients on whole project lifecycle, from site search and feasibility, through the planning and assessment stage, to delivery and compliance.

With such diverse skills and experience we are capable of pulling on the experience of the whole team to deliver effective environmental management.

Our services include:

Strategic advice and project management

Production of risk registers

Scoping & feasibility studies

Field surveys

  • Ornithogical

  • Protected species

  • Hydrological assessments

  • Peat depth


PreApp support and consultation with statutory consultees

ES chapters

Lead EIA coordination,

EIA technical chapters,

EIA report review,

Environmental condition discharge, mitigation and best practice

  • CEMP

  • CEMD

  • Peat Management Plan

  • Habitat Management Plan

  • Ornithological & Ecological Management Plans

  • Peat restoration Plans

  • Hydrological Monitoring Plans

  • Drainage Management Plans

Planning Advice and Support

 Appeal Support

 EIA Co-ordination

 Environmental Surveys

 Production of the Environmental Statement