Ecological and Environmental Surveys

Whether you are at the stage of development planning, pre-application consultation, assessing the environmental impact or monitoring during construction or commission, having the right expertise is an important part of managing the risk. From ornithology, habitat and protected species surveys to management of your project, environmental audits & site walkovers, Nevis can help.

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Ecology Surveys

Surveys are at the core of getting the right information at the right time and the environmental expertise is about helping you determine what you need to do to keep on track. Whether you want a one-off survey or technical experience to manage the risks, Nevis can meet your needs


From bird surveys to impact assessments, we offer a variety of survey techniques and advice to assess and mitigate the risks for your project.

Our services include:

  • Wind farm bird surveys

  • Breeding bird surveys

  • Overwintering bird surveys

  • Moorland birds

  • Vantage point (VP) surveys

  • Golden Eagle & Raptors

  • Collision risk

  • Technical chapters

  • Statutory consultee and stakeholder engagement

European Protected Species surveys & management

Many species of plants, animals and often their supported features and habitats are protected in the UK and you will need specialist advice to identify and manage these on site.


We have licenced specialists who can help with:

  • Badgers

  • Bats

  • Great Crested Newts

  • Otters

  • Water voles

  • Wild cats

  • Red squirrels

  • Reptiles and translocation

Bat Services

The potential presence of bats can cause considerable cost and delays to projects and not just in buildings. They can make their homes and raise their young in trees, caves and bridges also. You need to be ahead of the game if there is the possibility that bats may be present either for development or demolition

We offer a range of services to help you with:

  • Bats

  • Preliminary appraisals

  • Roost assessments

  • Emergence surveys

  • Licence advice

  • Protected Species plans


Habitats describe where things live and are made up of all the features that that organism needs to survive and reproduce. That could be plant, insect, animal or fungus & many are protected. Determining habitat type indicates what may possibly be living there that you need to consider. Habitats don't only support life at source they often regulate other things such as water and carbon & they are increasingly important for regulating climate change.

  • Phase 1 and extended Phase 1 Habitat surveys

  • Preliminary ecological survey

  • Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA)

  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

  • Herbivore Impact Assessment

  • Peatland surveys, peat depth, peat probing

  • Tree surveys

  • Hydrological monitoring , dipwells and WaLRaGs

  • Invasive Species surveys and plans

Environmental services

Environmental management is about being the expert on a project. Whether you want expertise in a particular area or whole or part management for you site we can help.

Environmental Audits

Our audit service helps clients not only comply with planning conditions and legislation but it can be a great way to find out what is being done better than industry, which allows you to tell others all about what you are doing for the environment.

We offer this service during any phase of a project. During construction phase it can help identify non-compliance and poor working practices, and ensure environmental incidents are prevented. This has proved useful in the planning phase of more complex or sensitive sites and to demonstrate good practice to consultees in the operational phase of a project.

We also offer audits of work places, such as builders yards and fabrication yards and our years of experience on construction sites can help identify areas for improvements. We can then produce the necessary documents and policies to ensure compliance and best practice.

Hydrology Services

We offer a range of services relating to the water environment. We work with site owners, contractors, managers and developers to ensure that any impact on the water environment is kept to a minimum and appropriately mitigated.

  • Drainage Management and Pollution Control

  • CAR licence application management

  • Monitoring of water quality and quantity

  • Natural Flood Management and Catchment Assessment

  • Private Water Supply Assessment and Monitoring

Operational Monitoring and Habitat Management

We offer the full suite of operational ecological and environmental surveys needed for the operational phase of a site.

  • Ornithology

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Habitat reinstatement & monitoring

  • Grazing management

  • Restoration of habitats

  • HMP implementation and review

  • Peat and bog restoration and monitoring

Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is an approach to development, and/or land management, that aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than it was beforehand.


It is an unavoidable part of development and part of the new Environment Bill, which is due to come into force shortly. It is already a requirement to demonstrate plans for BNG within many local authorities. Once in force, the bill will require that all development schemes will deliver a mandatory 10% increase in biodiversity net gain to be maintained for 30 years.

Our experience in both planning and construction means that we are ideally placed to work with you to integrate BNG into your plans to avoid costly delays and management implications.

Our Experience

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