Automation is an increasingly important area for driving productivity growth and we recognised that the use of drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in surveying has an important part to play in the future of the environmental management.

We understand that to provide a quality driven service, we need the services of those who know all about the constraints and challenges of operating drones.  This is why we have teamed up with industry practitioners ROAVR to provide this service to our clients. Not only do they produce a highly sought after service for film production, see but they also have an established business in surveying Along with ROAVR, we can provide a complete solution for environmental surveying and management.

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Why use a drone?

A drone is merely another tool in the tool box.  Our surveyors have the necessary skills to capture, interpret and deliver high quality data sets so that you can:

  1. Save time and money – a drone survey can cover larger areas much quicker than a human surveyor

  2. Get high quality data - consistent and repeatable datasets, much higher resolution deliverables that traditional techniques

  3. Reduce risks – Health and safety risks are reduced in using automated surveys & progress can be tracked.

  4. Gain a visual record :

    Understanding your site & proposals for projects will be much quicker if you can see it.

Share the site easily with stakeholders and contractors

Overlay other important information such as topography, site design and environmental constraints

Create a story book – a historical record to track changes and progress grant applications.


  • Site investigations and scoping

  • Map and track invasive species

  • Phase one habitat surveys for development

  • Peatland restoration planning and record

  • Arboricultural surveys – see tree cover & health

  • Land management – track land use

  • Forest disease monitoring

  • Forest re-stock surveys