We offer a Data Strategy Consultation Service.  We believe you start as you mean to go on. If you manage your data correctly from the start you will save time and money.

For a consultation, get in touch info@nevisenvironmental.com

Integral to all the work we do is good data management; without it we could not provide our clients with the quality service they expect. Our data management work flows are designed to minimise the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and complexity that are inevitable when collecting large volumes of information for environmental purposes. Nevis takes our responsibility to our clients seriously and aims to make the process of dealing with data as smooth as possible.

We recognise that important decisions will be made based on the information we provide, and we need to manage information in such a way as to be as time efficient and accurate as possible as our reputation for excellence depends on it.

Facilities used by Nevis include:

  • Centralised data storage to minimise redundancy

  • Appropriate security protocols

  • Proven quality assurance protocols

  • Robust analyses and innovative models