Construction Environmental Management Services

We understand the construction process and offer services specific to the industry, from planning condition discharge to construction monitoring and ECoW services

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Services for the Construction Industry

We've been working on construction sites for over 17 years and we understand that clear communication, monitoring dependant processes and rigorous Health and Safety are key to success. Having access to a team of experts can make all the difference.

Environmental/Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

The Nevis team can provide a full Environmental Clerk of Works capability, not only in areas of ecology and hydrology but in overall environmental compliance. This includes:


  • Waste and water management and monitoring

  • Dust and statutory nuisance

  • Incident investigation and training

  • Liaising with sub-consultants and contractors regarding environmental issues on site

  • Ensuring that restoration of the site is undertaken to the requirements of the project documentation and to best practice guidance and procedures.

Planning Monitoring Officer

As part of the planning permission for a development, there is often a requirement for the construction and operational phases to be overseen by an independent Planning Monitoring Officer (PMO). The PMO is typically a suitably qualified and experienced town planning professional, who has the role of ensuring that the development is being constructed and operated in line with the planning consent and associated documentation and planning conditions. It ensures that planning commitments and environmental management is high on the agenda from the outset.

Nevis has extensive experience of providing PMO services across a range of sectors including renewable energy, forestry, overhead powerlines, infrastructure (grid, rail, road) and housing developments.  

Nevis’s PMO service brings together our planning, environmental consenting and ECoW expertise to ensure practical and achievable compliance with the planning conditions throughout all stages of a project's lifecycle.

Pre-Construction Services

A range of environmental monitoring may be required during the pre-construction phase to discharge planning conditions or provide an ecological baseline prior to construction.  Our range of services includes:

  • Discharging planning conditions and producing the required documents for planning condition discharge.

    • Habitat Management Plans

    • CEMP and CEMD

    • Protected Species Plans

    • Peat Management Plans

    • Hydrological Monitoring Plans

  • Reviewing and extracting key environmental information from the Environmental Statement and associated documents, and ensuring that this is taken into account in the detailed design and planning discharge documentation. 

  • Undertaking baseline ecology, hydrology and environmental surveys.

Construction Monitoring & Services

We provide a range of environmental monitoring services during the construction phase, including:

  • Undertaking on-site environmental audits for compliance

  • Post construction monitoring

  • Construction Environmental manager role

  • Management of stakeholders and consultees

  • Carrying out pre-clearance protected species surveys

  • Surface water and private water supply monitoring

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