We are a team of environmental specialists with the expertise and experience to guide your construction project to completion and beyond.


We know the legal requirements to be met by providers of renewable energy, particularly when operating in areas where construction might have an impact on the natural environment. We know the landscape you are working in.

We are the experts in the onshore wind sector, the first in the field, and leading the field. We concentrate on construction and operational monitoring and we are specialists in habitat management and reconstruction.

We understand the local environment and pride ourselves on the strength of our local geographical knowledge with the practical application of mitigation measures and solutions. Most of all, we understand what you are aiming to achieve, and will work collaboratively to help you succeed.

We can undertake a range of science-based activities for projects such as renewable energy schemes, infrastructure projects and other construction projects which may interface with the natural environment.

Nevis works to make sure our clients comply with the law and the conditions placed upon them by the council and other bodies when they gain planning permission.  This may involve surveying protected species or reinstating habitats (moorland) that has been disturbed.

We operate from Inverness and Carlisle, providing services across the whole of the North of England and Scotland with a team which has extensive experience in the UK from the Shetland Islands to the South Coast of England.

Nevis Environmental was previously part of the Wind Prospect Group, which was established in 1997. As such, our team has extensive experience in the delivery of projects which demand strict environmental monitoring and legislative compliance. We have developed working relationships with regulators and consultees and contributed to a number of environmental incentives and world class projects across the UK.