Environmental Management – More Than Just Ecology



Nevis offers tailored technical solutions throughout the duration of your project, from planning and construction to ongoing site operations.

Operating from Inverness & Carlisle, Nevis Environmental are specialists in environmental management across a project lifecycle.

Our in-house team of Environmental Consultants, Managers, GIS specialists and Ecologists work across a variety of industries including renewables, energy infrastructure, road & rail and scoping for land development.

The Nevis Team will ensure your project is fully in line with environmental compliance for condition discharge, mitigation, best practice and due diligence.

As environmental consultants and management specialists, we know how you can develop and maintain your project without harming the birds, the bats, the moors, peat and bog.

Our team of experts work across the Highlands, Central Scotland and North of England to ensure that any potential environmental and ecology risks, mitigation measures and activities associated with your project are identified.

Our clients receive flexible, tailored environmental solutions – whether that means working with your team or as part of your team, we are here to protect your interests and your projects.

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